Our main target group are vulnerable and marginalised young people aged 18-35 yrs, who identify as same sex attracted, bisexual or transgender and who were assigned female at birth. We provide learning and skill building opportunities to enhance knowledge, improve public speaking and team building skills and successfully implement small-scale income generating activities. Some members of the group are being mentored to become community outreach workers to address LGBTIQ+ issues within families and the wider community. They are trained to engage in advocacy activities and collaborate successfully with relevant alliance agencies to address and eliminate current difficulties faced by the LBT community.


We assist LBT youth and young adults by providing: 

+ A safe space 

+ A Peer Support Group Network

+ Interaction with GLBTIQA+ peers, role models, national and international organisations

+ Health & wellness activities

+ Capacity building & leadership development in order to create employment and income opportunities

+ Capacity building activities in order to prepare outreach workers to address issues such as family violence, bullying and discrimination

+ Advocacy work, information, resources & referrals to relevant organisations